Fox Jones & Associates


Fox Jones & Associates in association with Convergence Management Consultants Ltd is a management consulting practice specializing in competitive marketing and market research, industrial development, investment promotion, international business, corporate restructuring, and the management of efficiency.

Our experience in assisting organizations to achieve their aims is what distinguishes us from our competition. We do not simply deliver consultants' reports, we also offer hands-on support for their implementation, and remain on-call until a project is complete.

Our core staff of professionals form a multidisciplinary team covering management, economics, financing, marketing, health care, the environment, construction and engineering.

All our consultants have international experience. Our services include:

  • feasibility studies
  • organizational structuring and restructuring
  • general management
  • project management
  • infrastructure assessments including industrial and social services (medical, day care, educational, training, housing, etc)
  • business climate analysis
  • strategic planning
  • industrial market research
  • cultural and tourism marketing
  • festival development
  • environmental assessment
  • international marketing
  • site preparation
  • architectural design, engineering and construction of industrial and support facilities
  • project financing

We are fluent in English, French, Spanish, and Portuguese.

Our Philosophy


We have a proven ability to solve clients' problems. Our reputation rests on the high quality of our work, the speed with which we can respond to requests for assistance, and our strict control of costs. Whenever possible, staff are drawn from our own resources; where necessary, however, we can call on outside expertise through our links with associated consulting firms.


In building a project team, our aim is always to ensure that the appropriate skills and experience are available. Before making a final commitment, our clients meet and are invited to approve everyone who will be involved in the work. We do not hand down assignments to inexperienced juniors.


All the people who work for Fox Jones-Convergence have a first class educational and career background. Project staff are required to have appropriate specialist experience in, for example, marketing, operations management, finance and administration; and we demand that staff working on assignments abroad should have relevant linguistic skills and local knowledge.

Cost Effectiveness

Fees and expenses are quoted in proposals and they are guaranteed unless, by mutual agreement, the scope of the work is significantly enlarged. Our efforts are geared to achieving excellence while minimizing the cost to our client. We do not, incidentally, add our proposal costs to our fee estimates. Proposals are our expense, regardless of whether the work goes ahead.

Problem Solving

Clients invariably have a vision of where they want to be. We see our role as finding a way to get them there, efficiently and cost-effectively. Many of the problems we deal with require creative solutions that go far beyond the collection and formulation of data. We work with clients to generate that creativity, and then we pass the results through an exhaustive and highly professional analytical sieve. In consequence, an outstandingly high proportion of our recommendations are accepted.

Consensus Building

There will always be disagreement between different groups and individuals, each with competing philosophies and particular interests. As consultants, we provide the process and framework for resolving conflicts in the best interests of the organization and the community.

Partnership and Active Involvement

We become fully involved in the goals and ambitions of our clients; and we share with them the excitement, intensity and commitment they bring to their responsibilities. At the same time, we bring a hard-nosed understanding of practical and financial constraints. We behave as though we are as liable as our clients are for the reputation, stability and momentum of their organization.

Wider Impact

We emphasize that well developed strategies and plans must not only provide direction for our clients, they must also reflect the breadth and depth of expected changes in the market-place and in the wider physical and social environment. We also probe the impact that the plans themselves are likely to have on the actions and reactions of other organizations, both allies and competitors.